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Shadanatam Belgian Shepherd Dogs

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The Rescue

This is a story that almost made me get away from dogs.... I was nearly ready to pack it


Almost four years ago, I placed two dogs in what I thought would be a PERFECT home.

The family wanted the dogs for their children to work 4H. The kids were 12 and 11 years

old at the time. The dogs were nearly a year old at the time. They lived on acreage, had

horses, and other critters. I couldn't have asked for better. (HAH!)

Well, after a few months, I lost touch with these people; they moved, somewhere.... No

news of the dogs. I was a little upset, but things happen, and I trusted these people. I just

knew that they would get in touch soon.....

A year went by, nothing. I really wasn't all that concerned because it was such a great


Finally, about 10 months ago, I got the phone call.... They had to place the dogs, the family

have split up, the dogs needed a place to go NOW. Fine, I always take my guys back, for

what ever reason, no matter what, why or where.... There was one big problem..... there were

also six pups. The other problem was , these pups were nearly a year old!!!! All girls. Five

Tervs and a Groen.(these folks had an old Groen when they got the dogs.) So, I ended up with

8 dogs back. The pups are 'purebred' but I can't/won't register them.

Okay, now , what to do next? Well, obviously I took the dogs. The two older dogs are now

in foster homes, which I am hoping become permanent! Thank goodness for family and

friends! The pups were another story!

They were basically wild. No other words for it. I had to 'tame' them. They had never been

handled, leash trained, house trained, crate trained, absolutely nothing. As you can imagine,

I have spent hours with these guys. They actually are turning into nice dogs. Wasn't sure that

was possible! But now, they need their own special people.

These dogs are nearly two years old. They are healthy. They are crate trained. Mostly house-

trained. Fairly good on leash. They have come a long way! I can groom them, do nails and

they handle most anything I do to them. They even know they are going to get food and

they don't have to fight for it!

They are small dogs. 30-35 lbs. I will get photos up soon.

Anyway, I have done as much as a person can. The dogs need special folks to continue with

their socialization. They are good with livestock, birds and cats, and of course other dogs.

They really have no issues, other than a total lack of social skills. They are a little timid with

new people. They have no aggression issues with people. They have lived in their pack for

their entire lives, so being alone may be an issue. Someone who is home most of the time would

probably be an ideal situation. Of course, they are incredible dogs, they ARE Belgians, and

I have high hopes for them; I am sure they will make excellent companions for the right


So, if anyone is interested in helping these guys become wonderful companions, drop me an

email. Homes will be extensively 'interviewed', and natural rearing homes are prefered.(raw

fed, no or very minimal vaccinations, etc). This will be a project for someone, although,

knowing my dogs as I do, I think they will make a full recovery from their past. A little time,

a lot of patience, and even more love will make them into the great dogs I know they can be!

Montana "Monty"
Belgian Tervuren

Miss Lulu
Belgian Tervuren