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Shadanatam Belgian Shepherd Dogs

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Why Raw?


It took me many, many years to decide to switch to a completely raw diet for my animals.
I, like many, believed that feeding quality dog food was the best I could do for my dogs. And, they did not bad... I had good coat, seemingly healthy animals; bright eyed and bushy tailed... I always have added raw meat to the diet, because, in my heart, I thought they needed a lot more than just dog food. I thought there was too much grain and not enough meat.
Then, the dog food company I had dealt with for over two years, changed their product, and my dogs fell to pieces. I could not maintain weight on my guys, not even on my 'fatties'. The coats suffered. I had a litter of two puppies-totally unheard of with my guys. And those pups were the skinniest pups I have ever had! Shortly after, the big dog food recalls of last year(2007). That did it, I
switched straight over to an all raw diet.
I had been 'studying' raw diets for years, just thought it was too much work! I was wrong! I feed a prey model raw diet, and my dogs have NEVER been better! So, over a whole year into no kibble. I can't believe I didn't take the leap years ago! And I switched everyone, cold turkey.
To be continued.......


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