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Shadanatam Belgian Shepherd Dogs

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About Dana

I have been an animal lover all of my life, much to the chagrin of my family at times. I was always bringing home strays, and lost or injured animals.
I started riding lessons when I was 9 or 10 and that took over my life until my early twenties. Everything revolved around riding, teaching or training horses at that time.
In 1983 I went to Sunnyslope Dog Grooming School and worked very hard, putting in extra hours at the teachers kennel. I have also worked with several top breeders, handlers and judges over my early years in grooming, and I appreciate all the help, and experience they shared with me.
Since then, grooming has been my career for the most part. I have also been a veterinary technician, but I found working in the vets a little to hard on my soft heart as I can't stand to see animals suffering.
I love grooming, it is never boring, challenging at times, and artistic. I enjoy working with the so called "bad" dogs that no other groomer will do. I don't believe there are "bad" dogs, just dogs that have been mishandled or misunderstood.
I often have rescue dogs in my care. I think it is an important part of my life. Yes, it can be expensive, time consuming and sometimes heartbreaking. But, it is incredibly rewarding when you find that poor abandoned, abused or mistreated dog his perfect forever home. I have also worked for and with the SPCA for many years.
I also teach obedience and puppy classes. This is a very special part of my life also, because I get to share my experience with others. And, I hope I share some of my passion; so that others can see what a wonderful thing it is to have a dog in their life.
I have been owned in the past by: German Shepherds, Pomeranians, Bullmastiff, and several dogs of unknown heritage over the years and all hold a special place in my heart.

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