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Shadanatam Belgian Shepherd Dogs

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Available for adoption

These are dogs(or other critters), who, for one reason or another are looking for their forever homes...
For information on each animal, please email me for their bios...





Jonathan is a lovely, sweet and gentle soul. He is a five year old neutered male. He is looking for his forever home. He is an indoor cat. He will wander out for a bit of sun, but he really doesn't want to be out. He gets along with all animals, but is a wimp ,and a dominant cat will beat him up!
If you think this big mush head will fit into your home, drop me an email, or give me a call.....



Most of these guys come to me through my grooming/boarding business. Some are dogs I have bred that need a new home.  Occasionally, they are stray, or rescued from a bad situation. All have lived with me, so I can get to know them and hopefully find their forever people.
All prospective owners will be screened to the best of my ability to match these animals to the best family-for them.
I want all involved to be happy with the decision to adopt one of these special guys.

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